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November 28, 2012
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I havent done one of these in awhile and since I just bought Twilight Princess and Kirby's Epic Yarn and beat them both recently, I thought why not. So I bought and beat Zelda Twilight Princess for the first time recently and I decided Id like another game to try another cheap to buy game. I go to Gamestop hoping to buy Sonic Colors but cause they didnt have Sonic Colors I had to settle between Paper Mario or Kirby Epic Yarn. After much thought I decided Id like to try out a Kirby game. I go home play it and does it really live up to the Epicness thats in the games title? Not so much.

I wanna start my review on this games defficulty not because its hard but because of how Easy the game is. I went through 9 areas full of 5 levels and a boss fight all without dying once. Enemys couldnt kill me  even if they attacked me numerous times. The games so easy Im sure most other people would have gotten bored after the first area of levels.Other Kirby games are not easy like this one.

However this game was fun to play. The Yarn Kirby made it fresh. Kirby being made of a pink string can now whip enemies with string kind of like Simon Belmont in Super Castlevania 4 but when Kirby whips an enemy he can turn them into a ball of yarn and throw them at enemies. Kirby cant fly, swallow, or absorb powers in this game but Kirbys got Yarn Shapeshifting abilities in this game such as in certain levels Kirby can turn into a Tank, a UFO, a dolphin, or a few other things which is kind of like in Donkey Kong Country where U can play as the Rhino, the parrot, and ect. Of course u play as Kirby going through Yarn World and slaughtering everyone in your path. This game is also 2 player cooperative so u can have a buddy play as this new character named Prince Fluff. As if the game wasnt easy enough but u can have Prince Fluff join Kirby in his reign of terror. I should mention that Kirby gets his own apartment in the game and u find items and can buy stuff to decorate Kirby's pad, I found this pointless so I ignored it but thought id mention it cause its in the game.

In this game Kirby is absorbed into a magic Sock by the main villan of this game and this takes Kirby to the Yarn world where everyone is made of Yarn and everything else is a fabric patch which is this games Graphic Style. Yarn World is broken up into sections and Kirby along with Prince Fluff go all over to sew the world back together. eventualy u fight King Dedede, Meta Knight, and that Tree from Whispy Woods which are recurring Kirby game boss fights. despite not dying the boss fights were kinda fun. Fun game but it was a very short game. Took me 6 hours to beat it but there are more levels u can unlock.

People most likely know Kirby if your reading this but for those who dont know who Kirby is Kirby is this pink blob that loves to eat, his power is inhailing enemies to gain an enemies powers or weapons
King Dedede is also in this game, He is usually the main villan in Kirby games
Meta Knight is the Anti Hero of the Kirby series, you usually fight him but then sometimes he helps you but hes a prideful Knight and cant stand losing.
There are 2 new characters Prince Fluff who doesnt really serve a purpose other then to make the game a 2 player game and the main villan here is named Yin-Yarn whos creates enemies out of Yarn. I find Yin-Yarn a pathetic idea for a villan.

Music is the best part of this game, the music in this game was beautiful, fun, and great fun to listen too, kept the game more fun to play. The music has a lot of instruments but mainly Piano. Perfect medley and each song fit the level I played on for instance there was a level where u go through snow and houses while the music had a Christmas tone to it. Whats also cool is if U get this CD Disk on every level then u unlock that levels music track u can play in the Hub World, They knew the music was awesome so they gave us freedom to listen to it.

Final Score
This is kind of a short review but lets weigh in what was good about the game: the game has fantastic music, gameplay was good, and I wanna add that this games pretty cheap at Gamestop. I got my game for 10$. Now what was bad about the game Its a short game and How easy the game is. I give this game a 5 outta 10 its just average. I did somewhat enjoy this game and if Kirby fans can forgive the easy gameplay they might enjoy it too but I cant recommend this game. Even though it was 10$ I dont feel I got my moneys worth. If your looking for a Kirby game then I suggest trying Kirby's Return to Dreamland or Kirbys 20th Anniversery game that came out a few monthes ago. If your looking for a fun Side Scroller game then I suggest one of the New Super Mario Bros games or Donkey Kong Country Returns, any of those would be better buy then Epic Yarn.
Final Score: 5/10 ~ Not bad but nothing short of average. Your not missing much by passing this game up.

Whats Good
Cheap Price

Whats Bad
Short game
Easiest Kirby Game Ever ... of all time
From what I played Kirby is Unkillable
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You can't die in this game. You just lose beads. I hate this game SOOOO much. Good game for little kids though I'll give it that (I actually think it was kent for little kids).
It's a fun game but you can't die which ignores all challenge the game will have. I hope they learn theyre lesson that WE WANT CHALLENGE because they are making Yarn Yoshi and I really wanna try that game out. I would eventually like to buy it too but please make death possible in Yarn Yoshi. If I slip and fall off a cliff like a dork I wanna lose a life and not just be brought back to the ledge I fell off of like in this game.
I know. I've begun writing the fan fic. It should be done before I go to sleep. If not then I fell asleep while making it.
Alright cool. I havent touched the Duel Academy story for awhile recently but Im trying to figure out where I wanna steer the story before I begin writing more plot again. I may try working on more pages tonight because I wanna introduce more OC characters I made into the story, plus I gotta introduce your OC, and another person's OC into the story aswell as the OCs I got.
Sweet. I might not get finished with the first part of the Fan Fic. I'm getting tired.
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