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My Pokemon Trainer Cards by Rasic1213
My Pokemon Trainer Cards
This is a mash up of Many of my pokemon teams. Note I do not EV Train.
The first Trainer card is one of my earlier teams from when Diamond and Pearl were new. After beating through Pokemon Diamond I bred a whole team and traded them to a new game. Sadly I dont have this team anymore but they are still in my Pokemon Battle Revolution game.

The next team is my latest team from LeafGreen. I gave the game to my older brother but I recreated the team in Pokemon Y.

The 3rd card comes from my most recent playthrough of Pokemon Pearl. I went back to play Pearl to capture many pokemon I didnt have in Pokemon Y. My starter Torterra was a mega tank after I spammed Curse whenever I saw an opportunity. Bibarel was my HM Slave and was in my team for the Elite Four. Gyarados with Dragon Dance and Torterra with Curse destroyed the Elite Four and Cynthia the Champion. Torterra, Gyarados, and Palkia were the whole team pretty much. I rarely used Rapidash and Mismagius helped here and there.

My 4th team is a team I'm going to catch in Omega Ruby. So I dont have the team yet but Its the team I'm planning on. All but Breloom are confirmed to Mega Evolve. I bred my Breloom in Pokemon Y and made sure he had the Technician Ability. When I get Omega Ruby I'm going to trade the Shroomish with its Hidden Ability from my Pokemon Y Version. The Metagross is the Shiny Metagross I plan to get when the game releases.

The 5th card is my Team from my very first playthrough of Pokemon White version. This was my first experiance in Gen 5. I chose Emboar while most other people probly chose Samurott or Serperior. Then I got the Simisage as a gift in game. So I went through the 1st 3 Gyms with just Emboar and Simisage then I got Krookodile after Castellia City. Braviary was the reason I chose Pokemon White version and thats the only Reason I chose White over Black. Braviary looks badass and has a badass design.

The 6th card is my first team playing through Pokemon White 2 Version. This time I chose Oshawott because I favorite the Water starters usually. I personally like Samurott more then Emboar. The Zoroark was the gift pokemon you get from Team Plasma. After beating the game I went to the White Forest and defeated Alder's Son. Then Alder gifted me with a Shiny Dratini. I later added that Dratini into my White 2 Team.

The 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th Cards were put together in Pokemon Y. The 7th Card is my first team from my first adventure in Pokemon Y. I chose Froakie cause I favor Water Starters and luckily Greninja is the best Kalos starter. I got the Speed Boost Blaziken upon buying the game early. I Chose Venusaur as my Kanto Starter in the game because I already had a Fire and Water type. As soon as I found a Gible I snatched it up instantly because I know how much Garchomp can wreck face. I found an Eevee and decided to evolve it into my favorite of the Eeveelutions and because Jolteon is an electric Speed Demon. My 6th pokemon choice was a hard decision for me. I wanted to use a fairy type like Spritzee but I couldnt evolve it into Aromatisse. I could have gotten a Sylveon but I already had an Eevee. I already had a fighting type so I didnt use the Lucario you get in the game. I eventually caught Yveltal the legendary from Pokemon Y. Despite having 2 Dark types I decided to run through the Pokemon League and beat it. Then I replaced Yveltal with Gardevoir, then again with a Scizor. I finally decided to just use Aegislash that I caught early when I started my adventure.

My 8th team was rased out of fun after I beat the Game. I raised up Pokemon I have never raised or have little experience training. When I learned about Protean and why Greninja was soo OP. I got a Froakie with Protean from Wonder Trade. I also got a Hidden Ability Shroomish thanks to Wonder Trade. I got my Togekiss from my old Pokemon HeartGold version. I was lucky enough to hatch a Togepi with Serene Grace rather then Hustle and I trained it apart of my HeartGold Team. I got a Bagon from Wonder trade and Escavelier and Chandelure came from my Pokemon White.

I dont really have anything special to say about the last 2 cards but I trained with them often. Thats enough of my babbling. What do you think of these teams. What teams of pokemon did you train? Through my Pokemon Adventures I currently own 573 of the 729 pokemon.
My Favorite Smash 3DS Characters by Rasic1213
My Favorite Smash 3DS Characters
These are my favorite Smash 3DS Characters. Making a 1 out of 54 list is too much and too time consuming so I made it more like a Tier List format where my best characters are MY A rank characters, then B rank, ect. THIS IS NOT A TIER LIST THIS IS A FAVORITES LIST! I moved the Mii Fighters off to the side because they dont count towards the list.
Diddy Kong Racing 2 Roster by Rasic1213
Diddy Kong Racing 2 Roster
I heard of a rumor that Nintendo wants to give Retro Studios the licence to make a Diddy Kong Racing 2 game. The roster here looks vastly different then what you would expect because Unfortunately Rare still own all the other lovable animal characters like Pipsy, Timber, and all of the other characters from Diddy Kong Racing 1. Retro wants to add other lesser known Nintendo characters instead such as Dillon, Rusty, and Mallo. I added more characters from Donkey Kong history and other characters from other known Nintendo Franchises that could use more love. If the game ever comes to light then lets see how many characters here actually get in the game


United States
I'm not much of an artist. I have no talent for drawing what so ever. However I love to brainstorm ideas for a story. When I write a story I like writing within my fandoms, in other words I like writing fanfiction. Writing fanfiction stories is my way of exploring my fandom through my eyes and It's a fun adventure for me to write, I hope it's just as fun to read.
I have many many fandoms. Many of my fandoms include Music and Video Games. I am a huge Nintendo and Sega fan. I do also have an X-Box 360 and PS3.
I love Yugioh, Halo, Pokemon, Super Smash Bros, Zelda, League of Legends, Star Wars, DC Super Heroes, Marvel, and many other stuff as well.
I want to eventually write a story for most of my fandoms, I have no set schedule for when I write or when i post because I have many distractions. College, Karate, Church, Youth, Spending time with my girlfriend, or sometimes I'm just not in the writing mood or I'm doing something else like playing X-Box. I have things that get in the way of course and I'm sorry if things take a long time to write.
I'm very friendly but I am not competitive gamer. I'm all for the fair and fun.

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