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Power Rangers Ultimate by Rasic1213
Power Rangers Ultimate
A team of Power Rangers. I did my absolute best coming up with original design. The helmets are completely original design based on Mandalorian Helmets or Boba Fett's helmet from Star Wars. They have a Utility belt because every hero needs a utility belt. Everything else is inspired from other designs I liked. I wanted to change up the color pattern from the usual Red, Blue, Green, Pink, and Yellow and Red is ALWAYS the leader just because. Why can't the Blue Ranger lead and why can't the Red Ranger be a woman or she's more Crimson colored cause Crimson is a cool color.
Fav pokemon by gen and type by Rasic1213
Fav pokemon by gen and type
Just a random thing I put together out of bordom, title says it all. The bottom 2 rows are black because the outlines of the pokemon sprites are also black and filling the background to white ruined the sprites. The ones with Stars are my favorite of that type amongst the pokemon in that row.
My Favorite Smash Bros for 3DS/Wii U Characters 2 by Rasic1213
My Favorite Smash Bros for 3DS/Wii U Characters 2
I did one of these awhile ago when the game was fairly new and DLC characters were hinted at. Monthes later, my skills have improved especially with certain characters. This is not a tier list, but a favorites list. Also the Mii Fighters are just there. Since they are custom characters I didnt add them into my list. I do play them though.
My Legacy of the Duelist Hero Deck by Rasic1213
My Legacy of the Duelist Hero Deck
I recently purchased Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist for X-Box One and it's a great game. Probly the best digital yugioh game out there right now in my opinion. I've been happily enjoying it and I built my favorite Yugioh deck to date in this game. I decided to share this decklist so others may use it aswell and maybe get constructive criticism on ways I can make it better if need be.

NOTE I am not a competitive duelist. So you wont see me running 2 Tour Guide of the Underworld's in everything and you wont see Dragon Rulers from me. Also note this game allows you to use Banned cards in anything. I could run 3 Monster Reborns in this game if I wanted to but I dont cause thats overkill. Personally I recommend using some of the banned cards cause your opponents Online and Offline WILL use them so i don't feel bad using them when it's even ground and they add an element of fun to this game. Alright lemme give you the Decklist in case you can't recognize the cards and I will explain why some cards are here and how I used them.

Top row
Cyber-Tech Alligator - Is a personal favorite of mine. Though other options would be better to have in this deck like a Bubbleman but I have history with this card mainly when I played through Yugioh Spirit Caller on Nintendo DS. I built a Machine Deck and whenever I needed some muscle or a good monster, Cyber-Tech was always there when I needed it. In those days I used Cost Down so summoning Cyber Tech would be easier. Being a 1 tribute monster that can take down a Red-Eyes Black Dragon and can match a Dark Magician was the reason I use Cyber Tech. Summoned Skull works too and Frostosaurus is a bit stronger but I will always choose Cyber Tech Alligator. In many ways the Cyber Tech is to me what the Dark Magician is to Yugi. He can also be used for a few of the fusions so he works on the Fusion level too.

E Hero Avian - having another Wind element hero. For those times Stratos is somewhere I can't reach I can use Avian to make either Divine Wind, Great Tornado, or another Hero Monster. I also had a duel in the game where I got locked down with Gravity Bind and Avian walked through that sh*t so being a lv 3 is helpful too.

2x E Hero Sparkman - Not the most powerful hero but his strength is acceptible making any Dark Magician in my Skyscraper be on guard when Sparkman shows up. Also being light attribute helps in summoning Koga or Shining. Being lv 4 I can also shoot for any Rank 4 Xyz Monster that works for this deck.

E Hero Bladedge - He's a powerhouse if I can get him on the field. Though I rarely use him to battle in the game, I mainly used him for fusion. Then if he's in the graveyard I can use De-Fusion to swap 1 Hero Powerhouse for another one or use Monster Reborn if in a pinch and need his strength quickly.

E Hero Captain Gold - mainly use for searching out Skyscraper, strong if I already have Skyscraper in play, when he's in the graveyard like because of his effect he becomes great Miracle Fusion material for Shining, and also because he's a Light monster and helps bringing out Koga.

3x E Hero Heat - Heat is great lv 4 muscle. Gets stronger with more E Heros on the field. He's also fire attribute so summoning Nova Master or the rare times I summon M Hero Goka. Although I can't use him if I Xyz Summon Heroic Champion Excalibur because he is Pyro type. He's great muscle and one of my fav Heros so I run 3 of him.

3x E Hero Neos Alius - I do not have regular Neos but to make up for it I have 3 Neos Alius. I never use him for his Gemini effect though. Just like E Hero Heat he is great muscle and being light attribute makes him great fusion material for Koga or any other E Hero fusion I got. He's also warrior too so I can summon Heroic Champion Excalibur.

2nd Row after Neos Alius
E Hero Ocean - At the time when I built this deck I had only 1 Ocean and I didnt get E Hero Bubbleman yet but I new being able to make M Hero Acid and E Hero Absolute Zero was needed to make this deck awesome so I needed at least 1 Water Attribute monster. So I ran the only Ocean I had and since I had lots of cards to help search out other Heroes if at any point I would need Absolute Zero or Acid because they can nuke my opponents field then I will hold onto E Hero Ocean in my hand and a fusion card in case I need a back up or just to clear my opponents field of some cards.

x2 E Hero Shadow Mist - Shadow Mist is perhaps the most IMPORTANT HERO card. Simply because she has 2 effects and I can abuse her powers perfectly. When she is special summoned I can add 1 Mask Change to my hand from my deck so I can immediately Mask Change her for M Hero Anki or M Hero Dark Law. I mainly use Anki but if Banishing cards will hinder my opponent then I will shoot for Dark Law instead. Then after she's sent to the graveyard her next effect kicks in letting me add another Hero from my Deck to my hand. I usually grab Stratos or if Stratos is KIA then I will begin prep work for my NEXT Fusion Summon and grab the next Hero to help me accomplish that.

E Hero Stratos - Stratos is banned you say? I don't care Stratos is f*cking AMAZING. He's Banned for a good reason. I summon him then I search out for his good friend Shadow Mist or Vise Versa. If I get him later in the game when I have Heros on the field then his Spell Trap destroying is helpful too.

x3 E Hero Wildhearts - Not as strong as Sparkman but his effect being immune to trap effects is soo great. I have 1 or 2 Heros left standing after the Mirror Force hits and I love that about Wildheart. His defense is as good as Sparkmans attack too so defensively he isn't bad. Also being a common Earth monster in this deck I can shoot for E Hero Gaia (Whenever I finally get one) or I can Mask Change him for Dian.

E Hero Woodsman - great defensively, also helpful if I need to summon Gaia or Dian, and I only have 1 Polymerization so Woodsman is my way to help recycle it whenever I get a chance.

3rd row
Neo Spacian Grand Mole - Easily the best Neo Spacian monster. Here's a few scenarios for ya. Oh you worked so hard to summon Stardust Dragon? Grand Mole sends it right back to where it came from, good luck summoning that sh*t again. Oh you have a potentially dangerous monster set on the field? Grand Mole sends it back to the hand and I let everyone else have at my opponent's Life Points. If he sets again then I send my mole out again and I can do this all over again the next turn if I need to. There's a reason he's limited to 1. 

A Hero Lives - risky taking away half your LP but if it means getting a monster when you have none then I'll take that chance. Also great in Special Summoning Shadow Mist then she searches for Mask Change, use Mask Change. Then suddenly I have an upper hand and turn EVERYTHING around.

Dark Hole - I could use Raigeki but Dark Hole is just fine. Putting monsters in my graveyard isnt a bad idea when I can follow up with Miracle Fusion when my opponent's field is clear of all dangerous monsters

De- Fusion - Mainly to De-Fuse after using Poly. You should know the combos. Poly, attack, de fuse, attack again. ect

E Emergency Call - I had to choose between this or Reinforcement of the Army but since E Hero Heat is Pyro and not a Warrior, I have more options if I shoot for the Emergency Call.

Fake Hero - A Very useful card. I can special summon ANY Hero monster for 1 turn but that hero cant attack. I can however use them to tribute for Cyber Tech or Bladedge. I can also use this to special summon Shadow Mist or Stratos without much effort. I can then use their effects and either fuse them or let them come back to my hand at the end phase so I can abuse their effects again later.

Harpies Feather Duster - Banned Card? Dont care, it's an awesome card and it's great when I need to clean up my opponents backrow without having to worry about my own if Used Heavy Storm which is also Banned. 

x2 Mask Change - My gateway into my powerful Mask Hero Fusion monsters so I got to have a good few. A 3rd would be nice to add but the decks balance has been great so far, I dont wanna tip it.

Mask Change II - Basically my 3rd Mask Change. I'll use the other Mask Change cards first before using this one if I had the chance but this one is great since the monster you use for Mask Change II's effect doesn't need to be a Hero monster. I can use Mask Change II on Cyber-Tech Alligator to summon Masked Hero Divine Wind, I have done that before. I can potentially use this to summon a Masked Hero using anything such as my Xyz Monsters for example.

4th Row
Mask Charge - Basically lets me reuse a Mask Change and get back a Hero in my graveyard. Since I carry only 3 Mask Changes and recovering them from the grave can be difficult. Having 1 Mask Charge is good.

Miracle Fusion - Every Fusion based Hero deck needs at least 1 of these. I usually Miracle Fusion for E Hero Shining and since the monsters get banished from this effect, Shining gets an attack boost. 

Monster Reborn - I can grab almost any monster in either graveyard and summon it to my field. I usually only use it to special summon Stratos or Shadow Mist to activate their effects. Cyber Tech and Bladedge can also be summoned with this effect too if their in the graveyard.

Mystical Space Typhoon - Lets me wipe away 1 spell or trap. It's a staple.

Parallel World Fusion - Like Miracle Fusion I can fuse monsters that are in my Banished pile like after I use Miracle Fusion. The Fusion Materials used by this effect go into my Deck too. I can use them again later possibly.

Polymerization - The basic Fusion card. I would like another but surprisingly just the 1 has worked fine in my deck. I have Woodsman too who can potentially let me recycle it every standby phase

Pot of Greed - Because F*ck Pot of Avarice or Pot of Duality. Pot of Greed draws 2 cards and that's it. It's so easy a Caveman could do it.

Skyscraper - Mask Heroes do NOT benefit from Skyscraper's effect. I forgot that alot. Just don't be an idiot like I was a few times. This is the card that lets wimpy Sparkman stand up to a terrifying Red-Eyes or Dark Magician.

Swords of Revealing Light - I shouldnt have to say why I use this card but c'mon the Swords can drop a floating castle on your sh*t...

Dark Bribe - I ask myself, should I run my usual Magic Jammer and Seven Tools of the Bandit? I just say nahh, I'll use just 1 Dark Bribe and be done with it. It's both in 1 and I don't have to discard or pay LP. But my opponent draws 1 card afterwards.

5th row
Hero Signal - If a Hero gets slaughtered I can special summon any lv 4 or lower Hero from my deck, such as Stratos or Shadow Mist? I pair Stratos and Shadow Mist alot because if I got 1 then I use the searching effect to find the other.

Magic Cylinder - You used Power Bond  on Cyber End Dragon? That's cute, then BAM Magic Cylinders and I just make a troll face.

x2 Mirror Force - 1 Mirror Force should be enough but I figured I needed the extra protection. It's also funny when say Yusei Synchro Summons a bunch of his monsters and tries to attack then I just have him face plant on my Mirror Force.

Solemn Judgment - The Best Counter Trap Card ever. Sure you pay half your LP but it can negate summons and Spell/Trap Effects. It can do so much and when you activate this can decide whether you win or lose a duel.

Lets go right to my Extra Deck next
Contrast Hero Chaos - Is treated like an Elemental Hero at all times and can negate anythings effect during either players turn. Packing a whopping 3000 atk, the moment this hits the field, good luck getting it off the field.

E Hero Absolute Zero - Whenever this card leave the field for ANY reason be it tribute, you fuse it into something, Xyz Summon it, ANY reason then he nukes my opponents Monsters. Basically when he leaves the field it's like you just activated a Raigeki but you can combo with Absolute Zero. You can do beautiful things with Absolute Zero if used right which is why I NEEDED at least 1 Water Hero in my deck

E Hero Great Tornado - 1 of the best E Hero Fusion monsters in my opinion. When he hits the field he cripples EVERY monster your opponent controls by halving its attack. While those monsters are on the field they dont get that attack back, so Tornado or my other Heros can easily clean up shop on my opponents monsters.

E Hero Nova Master - At first I thought I would never need Nova Master but I realized I was always getting Heat and at times when I could fuse for him I couldn't so I later added Nova Master in just so I can make E Hero Heat more useful with fusing. The extra Draw Power is great too.

E Hero The Shining - Powerful fusion. Shining is great when fused with Miracle Fusion and if he gets destroyed the monsters that were used to fuse with Miracle Fusion can come back because Shining returns 2 banished Heros to your hand when he's destroyed. Also if my opponent plays Dimensional Fissure or Macro Cosmos then Shining gets a benefit from them, allowing me to adapt. Normally Banishing focused decks are hard to adapt with for many archetypes but with Parallel World Fusion and The Shining they help me adapt to those situations.

M Hero Acid - No he's not on any sort of acid or drug but he is one of the best Masked Hero fusions and he's the first Masked Hero I got IRL. He's another reason I needed at least 1 Water Hero in this deck. When he hits the field he nukes my opponents backrow. Great effect and he even reduces all my opponents monsters atk by 300 which is like the cherry bomb that follows the Acid Nuke.

M Hero Anki - The M Hero I have used the most currently. He has 2 effects 1 effect he can attack my opponent directly but deals half damage when he attacksOR if he destroys a monster you can look for another Mask Change card. With this deck I normally have other Heros on the field as well so after he attacks and gives me a new Mask I can almost immediately use the Mask Change I just got because its a Quick Play Spell to summon another Masked Hero using the other monsters. I never use the Attack Directly effect unless I was locked or it meant game even with the half damage. Such a Great Hero.

M Hero Dark Law - another great M Hero. Dark Law also has 2 effects 1 is where EVERYTHING my opponent sends to the graveyard gets banished instead which if the Graveyard is very beneficial to my opponents play style then I will summon Dark Law ASAP to mess with them. Her 2nd effect, if my opponent were to draw outside of their draw phase or add any card from his deck to his hand then Dark Law selects 1 random card in your opponents hand and sends it to the graveyard which would be banished instead. Dark Law can be such a hindrance for my opponent.

M Hero Dian - great strength and great effect. When she destroys something then I can special summon 1 lv 4 or lower Hero from my deck. Great in swarming and since her effect Special Summons a monster I normally summon Shadow Mist or Stratos.

M Hero Divine Wind - This card is like The Dark Door, Marshmallon, and a Jar of Greed all in 1. He possesses a great attack stat too. While he's on the field my opponent can only attack with 1 monster like The Dark Door spell card. Divine Wind can't be destroyed by battle like Marshmallon. Then if he destroys a monster then you can draw 1 card, kind of like Jar of Greed.

M Hero Goka - Not the best Masked Hero but if I need to use a Mask Change on E Hero Heat or Nova Master then I like having that option available. 

M Hero Koga - 1 of the Best Masked Hero Fusions. He is also a good reason why I favor many copies of Heat, Sparkman, Neos Alius, and another reason to have Bladedge and Captain Gold. By banishing a Hero I can weaken an opponents monster by the attack of the hero I just banished. I can use this effect during either players turn too so if my opponent thinks getting a Blue Eyes on the field will benefit him then I got news for that poor sap cause Koga will mop the floor up with that Blue Eyes easily. Also helpful if I were to summon E Hero The Shining because Koga helps banishing monsters so later Shining will get a power boost for each Hero Banished with Koga's effect.

Vision Hero Adoration - Whats great about the Vision Heroes is that fusing them isn't specific in anyway. Fuse any 2 Heroes, Elemental Hero, Destiny Hero, Evil Hero, Masked Hero, Vision Hero, or any combination of these archetypes can fuse into Vision Heroes. Adoration is a 2800 atk powerhouse with an effect similar to Koga's in that Adoration can weaken my opponents monsters. Adoration is back up in case my main E Hero Fusions are KIA or cant handle a specific situation then I shoot for Vision Hero Adoration. 

Heroic Champion Excalibur - Great Xyz monster for any deck with a heavy Warrior Presence. If I need to get something done that the powers of an Xyz monster can do then I'm glad I have 2 of the best available, the other best being Utopia. Excalibur can double his attack once too for an OTK or to remove a powerful monster my opponent got out. Not having Levels is great too, completely ignores that Gravity Bind.

Number 39 Utopia - Probably the best Rank 4 Xyz monster to date.

Onto my Side Deck. The cards in the Side Deck are cards I've contemplated on adding into the deck once before. So these are Honorable mentions in a way. I would like to add these but I don't wanna screw up the balance.
Black Luster Soldier Envoy of the Beginning - Great Card it was in this deck at 1 point but I removed it for my fav Cyber Tech because I rarely ever drew the card and when I did I never had the Light and Dark monsters in my grave to summon it. I have it in my Side Deck in case I need it again.

a 3rd E Hero Shadow Mist - In case I felt I needed that extra Shadow power. I never needed a 3rd Shadow Mist though.

E Hero Voltic - I said F it and threw in 2 E Hero Sparkmans instead. Voltic was also a Thunder type monster too which would have been a problem. E Hero Heat has that same problem being a Pyro Type but Heat has lots of bulk for a Lv 4 monster and can get stronger.

Brain Control - Because it's an awesome card.

Form Change - A card I forgot I had after awhile. Basically Form Change lets me swap M Hero Dark Law for M Hero Anki because Anki is a high level but I never needed Form Change so I put it in my side deck as a Reminder I can use this card.

2nd Miracle Fusion - I felt like I might need extra fusion power and tried to run with a 2nd Miracle Fusion. I never had a problem with making Fusion Monsters so I just stick with the 1 Miracle Fusion.

Blaze Fenix, The Burning Bombardment Bird - This card became a favorite when I was writing my old GX Duel Academy Fanfic. Blaze Fenix is a powerful monster with an even more powerful Burn Effect. I did have Blaze Fenix in my Deck at 1 point and it's Burn effect won me a few duels but replaced I it for the Xyz Cards. I could fuse this by using my Cyber Tech and any one of the E Hero Heats. If I had more room for Fusion Monsters I would easily add it back in. His effect is one of those you just sit on your ass and spam whenever you get the chance.

E Hero Escuridao - This card has the same effect as M Hero Goka pretty much, however I have more uses with M Hero Goka then I do with Escuridao.

E Hero Gaia - He's not in the Side Deck because I dont want him in the deck. Gaia is in my Side Deck on this picture because in Legacy of the Duelist I dont have an E Hero Gaia yet. Gaia never popped out when I bought cards or dueled Jaden. This is on my side deck here to acknowledge Gaia and also because I want to add it into my Extra Deck when I get a chance.

E Hero Neos Knight - A reason to use Neos Alius' Gemini effect but I never had much use for Neos Knight. He can attack multiple times but can't deal any battle damage no matter how strong I can make it so I scrapped him for Vision Hero Adoration.

E Hero Terra Firma - I tried using Terra Firma in this deck but never had need for his effect so I put him in my side Deck. I would rather use my only E Hero Ocean to fuse for Masked Hero Acid or for Elemental Hero Absolute Zero then to summon Terra Firma. So he made room for Number 39 Utopia.

M Hero Blast - Blast isn't in the Legacy of the Duelist game yet, I added him into my side deck in this picture to acknowledge he exists. Even when he gets added in the game, I probly wont add M Hero Blast in my Extra Deck on the game. Divine Wind has more uses anyways. In other words he's here just because.

M Hero Vapor - M Hero Acid is more useful so I chose Acid over Vapor.

Vision Hero Trinity - Vision Hero Trinity has an awesome effect, probly better then Adoration's effect, but Adoration is easier to fuse for. I wish I can add Trinity in my Extra Deck but its full.

Zubaba General - A great Xyz monster if your heavy on Warrior Types. I wish I could add him too but I'm picky on taking what I have in the Extra Deck out currently.

I apologize this got so long but if you read all of that I thank you for your time. I also apologize for my grammar in places, I finished writing all this at 3 AM lol. Tell me what you think. I'll show off more of the awesome Decks I've been using in Legacy of the Duelist. I got another E Hero Deck I like using on there if you want me to share more. For Everything else I'm still gathering cards, there are soo many decks and archetypes I wanna make but I dont have all the cards to make them happen yet. I do have a Vylon and Evilswarm deck thanks to the game's DLC. Feedback is helpful, have a great day or night, everyone.
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds OC Tetsu Reno by Rasic1213
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds OC Tetsu Reno
This character is for my 5Ds story I plan on doing. I got the plot for it and my OC here but nothing else. Tetsu Reno will begin the story at the age of 20. Tetsu will be paired with his older Brother Saki as a Tag Turbo Dueling Team but we'll see where that goes when I begin writing it. I'm doing my GX Duel Academy Story first. I never had as clear of an idea on how Tetsu would like before this. Not like for my OC Kam I always knew what he would look like. As you can tell Tetsu is very different that Kam where as Kam is confident and hot headed, Tetsu is gonna be more brooding. I don't want to tell my plans for the 5Ds story but I will work on it in time. More on his background and Deck Later. He plays a Genex Machine deck because I loved playing a Genex deck when I played the Yugioh 5Ds DS games.


United States
I'm not much of an artist. I have no talent for drawing what so ever. However I love to brainstorm ideas for a story. When I write a story I like writing within my fandoms, in other words I like writing fanfiction. Writing fanfiction stories is my way of exploring my fandom through my eyes and It's a fun adventure for me to write, I hope it's just as fun to read.
I have many many fandoms. Many of my fandoms include Music and Video Games. I am a huge Nintendo and Sega fan. I do also have an X-Box 360 and PS3.
I love Yugioh, Halo, Pokemon, Super Smash Bros, Zelda, League of Legends, Star Wars, DC Super Heroes, Marvel, and many other stuff as well.
I want to eventually write a story for most of my fandoms, I have no set schedule for when I write or when i post because I have many distractions. College, Karate, Church, Youth, Spending time with my girlfriend, or sometimes I'm just not in the writing mood or I'm doing something else like playing X-Box. I have things that get in the way of course and I'm sorry if things take a long time to write.
I'm very friendly but I am not competitive gamer. I'm all for the fair and fun.

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